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A microfluidic diamond magnetometer

A diamond nanocrystal is used to map the magnetic field around a particle.

A diamond nanocrystal (white object to the right of center) is used to map the magnetic field around a particle (red object at center). The particle floats in a shallow bath of ionic liquid. The particle can be moved about (dotted line) with great precision by making the liquid flow using voltages applied to electrodes (4 shiny rods). Inset: the NV center at the heart of the diamond nano-crystal reacts to a combination of incoming green laser light, radio-frequency waves (magenta), and the magnetism of the nearby micro-particle. If all these fields have just the right values the NV center will emit red light. The observed light provides a measure of the micro-particle’s magnetic field.

February 2015 • JQI • • Tagged: Illustration, Diagrams