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Robotic optical scattering instrument (ROSI)

Diagram of the robotic optical scattering instrument.

NIST's Robotic Optical Scattering Instrument -- called “ROSI” for short -- measures precisely how light reflects and scatters off of materials to produce these different colors and appearances. To use ROSI, scientists mount a sample to the end of the articulated robotic arm, which can move the sample in almost any direction with respect to a beam of light. A receiver can be positioned to collect the light reflecting off of the material from different angles.

February 2017 • NIST • • Tagged: Illustration, Diagrams


The image was originally created as part of a poster design hanging outside the ROSI lab, and later adapted for a PML news release. I also made a quick diagram listing the various types of measurements ROSI can take:

Three panels showing an in-plane measurement, out-of-plane measurement, and hemispherical measurement.

In an in-plane measurement, the light source, the sample, and the receiver are all in the same plane; in an out-of-plane measurement, the receiver is in a different plane.