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Visualizing strands of PCDTPT

PCDTPT molecules drawn as gummy worms.

One way to visualize strands of PCDTPT, a conductive plastic material, is as a collection of gummy worms. These images depict the PCDTPT material in two forms: as a solid (top) and suspended in a liquid (bottom). In solid form, the gummy worms are touching, and electricity can flow from one worm to another. When suspended in a liquid, though, each gummy worm is more isolated, and electricity cannot flow as easily between worms. In the NIST experiment, researchers found that PCDTPT strands were just as conductive in the liquid as they were in solid form, which suggests that conductivity is happening not so much between strands/gummy worms as along a single strand/gummy worm.

March 2020 • NIST • • Tagged: Illustration

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