Inform Studio is a design studio specializing in scientific communication.

From technical illustrations to detailed animations, we translate complex scientific phenomena into clear visual form.

Featured Work

Searching for Quantum Gravity

Animation about ongoing research at Cornell University into the quantum nature of gravity.

January 2020 • Cornell • Tagged: Animation

Illustration of presolar grains.

Presolar grains inside the Allende meteorite

Created as a journal cover submission, this illustration highlights the different histories of presolar grains present in the early solar system.

January 2020 • Caltech • Tagged: Illustration, Journal Covers

Studying sugars at the nanoscale

Animation about the research of Matthew J. Paszek, who studies the cell glycocalyx and its role in cancer development.

October 2019 • Cornell • Tagged: Animation

Magnetic lines move along a circuit.

Single flux quantum circuit

Illustration of discrete, exactly quantized units of magnetic flux moving along a circuit made of a series of Josephson junctions.

September 2018 • NIST • Tagged: Illustration

Pink atoms sit in a blue 2D optical lattice.

Rydberg atoms in a 2D optical lattice

Stylized rendering of a contaminant Rydberg atom in a lattice of rubidium.

March 2016 • JQI • Tagged: Illustration

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